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A climate initiative project built with Next.js, Strapi and Vercel


In my last couple years at Commerce.js, I have had all the opportunities to work with some of the best of breed toolings and frameworks. Although there was one backend CMS I have always wanted to try but haven't gotten a chance to until early this year. I have heard all the rage about Strapi being one of the leading CMS engines powered by Node.js and have been super eager to pull it into a project's stack.

To my luck, I had an opportunity to start using it while going through my recent interview processes. I was super impressed with the power and flexibility of the API-first framework. It is more than a CMS - it is a true data-first, API-first tool that opens up so many possibilities and flexibility on what you can build with it, from a personal project all the way to an enterprise-level application. Strapi being a Node project and a fully agnostic backend allows you to add custom configurations like controllers and middlewares and the ability to stack it along with other frameworks such as Next.js for the front-end and TailwindCSS for the style utlity.

Below you will find the resources to get started on the project and tinker with both the front-end and back-end projects. I have also created a presentation that walks through the workflow of the project!