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My thoughts on ChatGPT


I didn’t want to necessarily jump on the hype train of making content on ChatGPT just because it was trending and all the rage. I wanted some time to test out the tool and form my own thinking and questions. That metacognition had me thinking about how I have been thinking about it all.

Will generations to come be completed voided of critical thinking, of forming our own thoughts and opinions, of making noise and making revolutionary changes because we would be leveraging AI for that?How do you measure your own opinions to know if they were even your opinions to begin with? How do you know if you’ve been influenced by first, second, third degree and so forth? Will the next generations be so reliant on AI that we will altogether stop producing our own thoughts, dissenting views, and ideas? As a species, have we created our own demise in this constant running human progression wheelhouse that we now need to create AI automated processes just to go back to square one - the primitive ways of how humans used to function, like having survival skills, creating art, spending time with family and community and growing our own foods.

Or could this be yet another huge social upheaval as human evolution and innovation has been going in the last centuries. That this is yet another change that has to happen to keep us moving and evolving? That any big social changes will take a couple of generations to be imbedded into society. That no matter the stages of social change, we need to continue to ask questions and iterate on improvements.

All that is to say, there are still many unknowns and how we as individuals and as a social group should continue to question how to leverage AI and whether need to put the necessary regulations in place as innovative AI tools progress. I do not think at this stage I need to worry about my job and skillset being threatened but what I do need to have in mind is to continue to hone in on my skills and to continue to learn and level up.

So how have I been using ChatGPT? Well no much through my day to day work just yet aside from asking about a couple of test cases. I’m not sure how I feel about using its full power for content creation yet. I have tested generating some ideas from prompts but find that the samples given were not true to my unique voice. I have always enjoyed writing - testing out different styles and tones but most of the time, the way I write is pretty free-flowed and conversational. That aside, the automation and time saving aspects of using generative AI is going to be a powerful tool to harness and use in your day to day that I have yet to test out!

I would love hear about your thoughts, experiences in leveraging AI tools for your needs. Please share!